Vice Principal


Dear Parent,
An educational institute is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete but about building character and enriching minds about varied experiences that will last a lifetime.

This year will be a milestone in your child’s life. It is not only the beginning of his or her formal education, but also the first step towards life-long learning and social participation. New experiences and friends will make this year a special time for both you and your child. We assure you that its going to be a unique kind of experience for your kid at our school. With motivation and encouragement , we want our students to unravel their talent. Everyone is a star and deserves a chance to shine and that opportunity and platform we shall certainly provide.

Our committed and dedicated staff will make their stay here as possible. They will take your ward’s hand, open his mind and touch his heart. That is going to be such a beautiful experience for your child and he / she is bound to love coming to school.

Through the teacher – parent partnership, we hope to strengthen the bond and success of all the kids we embrace into our new schooling world. I personally look forward to seeing you at all our school functions and am positive that we will have a wonderful and fruitful association.

Stay happy, grateful and blessed !