Complaint Procedure


The college has a robust complaint and redressal procedure, driven on the philosophy of self-discipline.

  • Any errant behaviour of a student is brought to the notice of the Class Guide, who will immediately resolve the issue by counseling the student.
  • The Student Welfare may extend his/her support and guidance to the Class guides in handling such cases.
  • Repeated transgressions of college rules or violation of the code of conduct are brought to the notice of the Principal/Vice Principal. The Principal then convenes a meeting of the Disciplinary
  • Committee comprising of Academic Advisor, Student Welfare Officers and Class Guides, and a collective decision is taken regarding the appropriate consequence. A written complaint is sent to the parents. In extreme cases a child may be suspended or rusticated.
  • Counselors play an important role in the process of maintaining general orderliness and guiding students along the right lines.
  • Academic concerns are brought to the notice of the Academic Advisor or the Vice Principal. The necessary remediation programme or alternative academic support strategies are worked out keeping the specific learning difficulties in mind. Cases of serious academic concern are brought to the notice of the parents.


For parents wishing to bring any concern or suggestion to the notice of the School, the first point of contact is the Class Guide. He or she will address the issue directly or take it up with the appropriate authorities such as the Academic Advisor or Student Welfare Officer. The Vice Principal or the Principal may also be contacted, depending upon the nature of the problem.

Parents may directly approach any of the authorities if the matter is urgent or serious or demands confidentiality. Once the matter is resolved and action is taken, information is sent to the parents.