Girl Student Safety

Safety measures taken at Indo sunrise International School

There is no compromise in security issues at Indo sunrise. Right from the inception of the college the management has taken serious steps to havethe unbreachablesecurity ring to the entire campus. The campus outsourced the security responsibility to a reputed security agency. The security personnel monitor the movements in the campus round the campus.

Both boys and girls are managed by responsible, caring and dedicated wardens. A vehicle is always in the ready condition to take students to hospitals and for outing. In each outing the wardens will accompany the students. The students in the campus constantly educated by the student welfare officers to maintain harmonious relation with all staff and outside

A meeting was convened by the management to review the security status in the event of new academic year commencing.The meeting was presided over by Chairman Shri.Krishna J Palemar and attended by all staff in the chairman’s chamber on 3rd January, 2015.Also, the PU Boardhad sent circular asking managements to take proper steps to safeguard the interest ofstudents. Most of the instructions given by the Board have already been implemented in Indo sunrise.

  1. Furnishing details of ladies hostel: The Chairman had instructed the college authorities to inform the nearest police station about the location of the hostel and request the Sub Inspector to visit the college often. It is decided to keep the police station number and helpline number 1098 fixed on the outer board at the entrance.
  2. Women Committee: As per instruction a committee comprising lady staff members is to be constituted. In Indo sunrise there is already a committee which takes care of women’s issues. The cell has planned to conduct regular meetings by calling professional counselors. The college also houses a dedicated Common Girls Room with first aid facilities.
  3. Women’s grievance cell: To address the complaints filed by the girls and lady faculty this cell was constituted under the leadership of senior faculty. This cell is also functioning from the beginning itself. The women’s cell itself looks after these issues and encourages the students to lodge complaints fearlessly.
  4. Parent –Teacher meeting: Every year soon after the first class test a parent teacher meeting will be convened and an association will be formed. The president of the function will be from parents while secretary is from staff. The forum will be utilized to have interaction with parents and to keep the parents informed about the academic progress of the students.
  5. Revealing personal details: The students studying at Indo sunrise cannot use mobiles or computer. Stern warning with strict disciplinary action prevents students from divulging personal details to strangers.
  6. No smoking: The students or anybody cannot use the campus for smoking or chewing tobacco. The campus is a no tobacco zone. Also, regular random blood checks are conducted to foresee any drug abuse.
  7. Security: The college is using security from licensed agency like Kadri based Kiyansh owned by Mr.DileepShetty.
  8. Rotation of security: The management requested the security agency to change the security personnel once in three months to prevent students developing contact with them which in turn lead to smuggling of banned goods to campus.
  9. Optimum lighting: The college class rooms are acoustically well built with diffused lighting (no glaring effect) and galleried seating with sound amplification system.
  10. CCTV installation: The entire college campus has full CCTV coverage. There are altogether 170 high resolution cameras both in college and hostel premises.Mr.Shivaprasad was appointed exclusively to monitor the CCTV.
  11. Vehicle arrangement: The campus has three vehicles with drivers in Evereadycondition. As ours is residential college the wardens will accompany when students are remaining in colleges till late night. In the case of localites parents will be informed.
  12. Teacher’s escort: The college has been deputing lady staff members for escorting girl students while students going for out station sports and extracurricular activities.
  13. Groupgoing: The women’s cell has been guiding the students to go in a group for any outing and also for localites to avoid any untoward incidents like chain snatching ,teasing, molestation etc.
  14. Campus inspection: The security agency has been doing campus inspection every day to check the presence of any unauthorized activities or objects.
  15. Entry register: The security agents near the entrance physically check the vehicles and belongings during entries and exits. Anybody entering should furnish the details of their visit in the register. Students will be allowed to go out only after obtaining signature from Principal, VicePrincipal, or chief wardens. Even while going with parents the students have to take permission from above said authorities. The students will be sent with guardians only after confirming the identity of guardians and obtaining permission from the parents.
  16. Police official’s Meeting: This instruction had been given by SP Sharanappa in the Principal’s meeting. The college has planned such a meeting with police officials by involving students and staff of nearby schools also. Moreover, the Kankanday rural police station is informed about all the programs, happenings in the institution.
  17. Pointbook: The college is housed in well populate area. So the usage of point book is not warranted in the present situation.
  18. Extra precaution: The management has secretly deployed somepeople from its inner circle to check any breach of any form to have foolproof security to inmates.

Indo sunrise firmly believes in,

The divine are extremely happy where women are respected ;
where they are not, all actions (projects) are fruitless.

yatraitastunapujyantesarvastatraphala?kriya? ||

yatranaaryastupuujyanteramantetatradevataaH |
yatraitaastunapuujyantesarvaastatraaphalaaHkriyaaH ||