Student Hand Book


We know you want to go to a “cool” school where

  • Learning is fun
  • Teachers are friendly and helpful
  • It is exciting to learn in a multilingual school environment
  • And there are lots of interesting activities, sports teams, music concerts, art classes and even opportunities to become a leader.

Infact! You are at the right place! If you are new to Bengaluru or ISR, don’t worry! We’ll make you and your family feel welcome and soon ISR will be like a second home! We look forward to seeing you on campus!


THE Golden era of your life!

In addition to academic learning at ISR, there are a lot of other fun ways students can get involved with our school and develop their interests.

We have a Student Organization called as Excel At ISR, or EAI, which is a great place to start. There are 8 departments run by student prefects who organize almost all of our after-school and free-time activities, school events, charity fundraising, class trips and much more. All students are encouraged to get involved in Student Life at ISR.

If you are an athlete, you can get involved in the ISR Sports Program. We offer team sports, local and national tournaments, athletic activities, summer sports camps and even organized trips, such as the yearly trip during February break.

Musicians will appreciate our highly qualified and talented teachers in the Music Department. We will have a plethora of various instruments for student use and offer private music instruction through our partner music school. In addition, students can prepare for many recitals and two music concerts during the year.

Artists will enjoy the variety of mediums to work within our Art Department. Students can use their creativity to design various types of artwork, which can be viewed at our many events, such as International Day, Open House, Family Fun Day and the art exhibitions. Student art pieces will be displayed in our ISR foyer, along the hallways and in the classrooms.

Lastly, leadership opportunities are abundant at ISR. Students are encouraged to become EAI Prefects, where they will learn many organizational, management and motivational skills. EAI also plans to offer a leadership and training camp where students learn about working together in groups and team building. Since students move into the projects, this is required as a way to help students learn leadership and social responsibility.


Excel At ISR, or EAI, will offer an extensive, diverse and fun activity program!

Many of our activities will be student-led. We encourage students from grade 5 onwards to lead activities for their peers or for students of younger age groups in order to:

  • Develop leadership, organizational skills and emotional intelligence
  • Teach real-life skills and real-life jobs, helping students become productive members of society
  • Teach students how to work with other people • Rely on students to help create a positive school environment
  • Teach students to take risks and to learn valuable lessons from mistakes
  • Enhance students’ social skills
  • Enrich students’ lives by encouraging them to celebrate diversity


Over time, we plan to have more than 150 different activities that will be offered by students, teachers, parents and outside instructors, such as:

  • First Aid Education
  • Indoor Tennis
  • Creative Writing
  • Brain Energizing
  • Comic Drawing
  • Traffic Education
  • Life Kinetics

And many more…

Grade 5 and 6 students will be encouraged to offer different activities for our younger students, such as KG Story Time, Hip Hop Mix, Creative Artists and Fun Learning. They will be encouraged to plan and lead an activity for their peers, which will help them gain valuable real-life experience, learn leadership skills, and learn how to plan a long term project.


Training sessions for activity leaders will be organized by EAI deputy head of activities and the senior prefects at the beginning of each term. All EAI activity leaders come together and gather information about activity leader traits, leadership skills and how to lead a successful activity. Other topics discussed are the setting of common goal and working towards achieving these.













With great pleasure ISR welcomes you to the Physical Education and Sports Department!

Sport is the best metaphor for life. An hour of invigorating sporting activity teaches us more than years of education. Sports give students the confidence and self-belief required to manage any challenge in life. Experiences gained on the sports field and in sporting competitions teach us many real-life lessons that we can take with us, wherever we go in the world.

We have an outstanding physical education program, encompassing a wide variety of both team and individual sporting activities. Our physical education curriculum has been carefully planned and each class is taught to a very high standard by well-educated and highlyskilled physical educators.

In addition to our physical education program, we aim to build ISR sports teams from Under 10 right up to Under 18 age level. We would like to participate in friendly games against schools and sports clubs in the local area.


International School will feature:

  •  Badminton (indoor court)
  • Basketball (indoor court)
  • Handball (indoor court)
  • Indoor Football (indoor field)
  • Indoor Hockey (1 indoor court)
  • Volleyball (indoor court)


Here at ISR, each child receives 2 back-to-back physical education lessons per week. Our students are privileged to receive instruction and be taught by very skilled and highly knowledgeable PE teachers.

This means that students have a total of 90 minutes to take part in a wide variety of sports activities and to relieve the stress from a hectic academic schedule.

Over the course of one academic year, students will be taught a wide variety of sporting activities, each block or sport typically lasting between 4 to 6 weeks. This has been carefully planned and thought out so that students can focus on one sport for a number of weeks and develop the skills and techniques required to excel in it, before moving onto the next activity.

Students are given their PE schedules at the beginning of every term, in which to fix into their homework journals, so that students and parents can see on exactly which date what sport will be taking place and which kind of clothing is required.


Music is a vital component of the ISR curriculum and will be held in high regard at our school. Students at ISR will be provided a fun and educational approach to performance and an understanding of the most important aspects of music. Students can fine tune their musical skills, build self-confidence and leadership skills through music programs.

These programs will focus on developing students’ musical appreciation from an early stage with a goal of achieving an early university level of knowledge in upper grades.



KINDERGARTEN: Art classes for kindergarten and primary school will be held several times a week and art projects will be integrated into other subjects. Their creative pieces will be proudly displayed in the homerooms and hallways.

GRADES 1–4: Grades 1–4 will have art class twice a week and create art projects in their classrooms, which relate to the themes they learn about in other subjects.

GRADES 5–8: These grades will work with a variety of mediums in their weekly art classes.

GRADE 9: This grade will have art classes twice a week which will provide an introduction to art and design through a range of group and individual work projects.


Artwork from a variety of grades will be showcased in ISR’s hallways and foyers at various intervals throughout the year, as well as at ISR events, such as International Day. In addition, every year, student artwork from all the grades will be featured in the ISR Student Art Calendar. A yearly competition will also be held for promising artists.